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Valentine`s Hearts.

During the past few weeks, I`ve been busy making lots of Valentine`s and Mothers` day brooches for my stockists. They all needed a good topping up after Christmas and I enjoyed making some pretty brooches that look forward to Spring.

Hearts galore for Valentine`s day! These round heart brooches are new.

valentines hearts 1

valentines hearts 2

valentines hearts 3

More little stitched hearts and tweed hearts.

valentines hearts 4

valentines hearts 5

valentines hearts 6

valentines hearts 7

valentines hearts 8

valentines hearts 9valentines hearts 10

Some more stitched flowers, pretty for Spring and perfect for Mothers` day.

vh 11 (stitched flowers)

vh 12 (stitched flowers)

vh 13 (stitched flowers)

Another batch of layered corsages. I`m so pleased that these are selling really well. They`re my favourites at the moment, I`ve been wearing one almost every day!

vh 14 (layered corsage)

vh 15 (layered corsage)

vh 16 (layered corsage)

I also had a couple of commissions last month, for a wedding fascinator and a Jaunty Jim cap.

vh 17 (fascinator)

vh 18 (fascinator)

vh 19 (JJ cap)

These were people who had found me online and it has made me determined to get on with my online shop. Now that my stockists are topped up it will be my next plan of action!


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Jaunty Jim Caps

My Jaunty Jim caps are quite a new venture for me, something I began last November when I was asked by one of my stockists to make some gifts suitable for a man. I really enjoy doing them as they prove quite a contrast to my Agnes and Cora accessories- a much more rugged and robust style of sewing!

I like contrasting neatly hand-appliqued panels with raggedy `patches` made from layers of rough edged toning fabrics with lots of scribbly machine stitching visible.

The fabric is 100% recycled, using scraps of tartans and tweeds and pieces from old ties.

For Spring, I have also beenĀ using linens and toiles from furnishing fabric samples. Some caps are also finished with a scattering of vintage buttons.

A new selection of Jaunty Jim caps will soon be winging their way to Verve in Rose Street, Edinburgh and Flux in Leith.

They are perfect gifts for that special man as each cap is unique. I may be biased, but I think every guy looks good in a cap!

Jim (Jimmy) was my grandad`s name (husband to Agnes!). He wore a jaunty cap every day so I thought it was fitting that I called my label after him!

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