There are quite a few of these beautiful, cheeky little animals living in the garden. Lots of hidey-holes, ground cover and places to set up home, plus a never-ending supply of birdfood to pinch makes mouse heaven apparently!


10th april cheeky mouse 1 This bold wee thing let me get so close that I needed my macro lense!

10th april cheeky mouse 3

Just a few quick sketches so far, but I`d love to try some mousey embroideries.

woodmouse drawing 2

woodmouse 2

sketchbook woodmice 1

sketchbook woodmice 2

sketchbook woodmice 3



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5 responses to “Woodmice.

  1. I, like Beatrix Potter love mice & your drawings are truly amazing, what talent, you captured them perfectly!

  2. Thankyou Sara, these were my first attempts at mice.

    • I can’t believe that was your first attempt, my Mum was an artist, Queen Elizabeth actually has one of her paintings at Windsor Castle, so I have been around art all my life & yours is one of the best I’ve ever seen! I adore wildlife & feed birds, squirrels, chipmunks & also a few mice I am sure, I know they can be a pest but they are so cute & you sure have captured that! I also love the hedgehogs you did & I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations! Take care, Sara

  3. Your drawings are just wonderful

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