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After The Rain…

After days of rain, some of it torrential and monsoon-like, this morning was dry with even the occaisional watery ray of sunshine.

I optimistically hung out some washing then took my camera for a walk round the garden. Everything is lush and green after all the rain and more than a bit overgrown. I love all the layered patterns, colours and textures, most of which are happy accidents.

Here are some details which caught my eye –

The disappearing path!

I love this tangle of textures.

Matilda exploring her jungle!

Some more lovely tangles.

Raindrops on ladies` mantle.


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Bee Brooches.

I had such a good response to my little bee embroideries that I decided to do some more and turn them into brooches.

Tiny, layered scraps of black and yellow cottons and lots of scribbly stitching make up their bodies and they have hand-embroidered little legs. The bees have been stitched onto recycled linen furnishing fabric in shades of blue. My favourites are the ones on the dark, indigo blue fabric.

I think insect brooches will sit well with all my flowers and are also quite an edgy contrast. I`d like to try other insects, maybe butterflies or ladybirds, I`ll start with some drawings then work from there, I think the embroideries definately work best that way as it keeps them looking free and hand-drawn. I`ve got lots to catch up with next week, but if I get time in between making more fascinators and brooches for my stockists then I`ll start sketching, hopefully in the garden- if it ever stops raining!


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