Recently I have started making moths created from layers of machine embroidery. They are really like little 3d abstract paintings in thread. I try to make them as close as possible to the real thing, layering threads and blending colours to recreate the markings on the wings. I love the challenge of making them, and their evocative names!

Green Carpet moth 015 Green Carpet moth.

Green Carpet moth 029

yellow moths 041 Barred Yellow.

yellow moths 089 Clouded Buff.

yellow moths 083

moths for etsy 028 Scalloped Oak.

moths for etsy 034

moths for etsy 049 Swallowtailed Moth

moths for etsy 072

deaths head hawk moth 023 Death`s-Head Hawkmoth. This one was a special order.

deaths head hawk moth 006

elephant hawkmoth 003 Elephant Hawkmoth.   Another commission.

I loved making this one. It was a real challenge, but an enjoyable one, and such gorgeous colours to work with.

elephant hawkmoth 013

My moths vary in size, measuring from about 12cm- 18cm across, so they could be worn as very large brooches. However I think they would look striking pinned to a curtain, displayed in a box-frame or hung on the wall just as they are. These have all sold straight away, so I`m feeling really inspired to make more and continue to explore these subtle and intriguing creatures.



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10 responses to “Moths.

  1. Wow! Those are so amazing they should be in a museum, you are beyond talented, are they for sale?

  2. Thanks so much Sara! Yes they were all for sale and have all sold! I`ll be making more very soon. Look out for them in my Etsy shop or follow me on Facebook where you can keep an eye out for all my new makes.

  3. I love your moths, so beautifully made and delicately detailed! The names are lovely too 🙂

  4. These are amazing. I’m sitting with two moth enthusiasts and they are amazed by how flippin realistic your embroidery is! I’m totally jealous of your talent. Embroidery is something I’ve not quite got to grips with!

  5. I didn’t think I would like moths but they are gorgeous

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