A few months ago, a very good customer asked if I would consider making her a hedgehog brooch. I wasn`t sure at the time as I was still quite new to free machine embroidery and didn`t think I could do it justice. However last week (after a gentle reminder from the lovely, patient lady) I decided to give hedgehogs a go. Growing confidence, combined with my wonderful new Bernina machine, meant that the time was right to take my machine embroidery to a new level.

I began with drawings and then made three embroideries. These were really little paintings in thread and I really enjoyed drawing with the machine, mark making, and layering lots of different threads. I sort of fell in love with hedgehogs last week as I brought these little creatures to life. They`ve had a wonderful response on my Facebook page and all three embroideries were immediately spoken for, with orders for two more. It seems that everyone loves a hedgehog! Yesterday I started work on four hedgehog embroideries and I`m really looking forward to getting stuck into them today.

hedgehog drawings 008

hedgehog drawings 002

hedgehogs WIP 005

hedgehog embroidery 006

two hedgehogs 004

two hedgehogs 028

two hedgehogs 054



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9 responses to “Hedgehogs.

  1. Lori K.

    Your Wonderful!! The Work you do is SO Alive!!!

  2. I adore hedgehogs & yours are amazing, I was just visiting my family in Thornbury, Bristol in the UK but didn’t see any this time!

  3. Phyllis Robertson

    Saw article about your work in Country Living & looked up your website as I loved the hedgehog you did. I was delighted to find lots more hedgehogs there they are beautiful. My firiend Nadia runs a hedgehog hospital in Rosyth and I’m always looking for hedgehog items for her fundraising activities. Would like to find out how much they cost & if it’s just brooches & embroideries you do.

    • Hi Phyllis, lovely to hear from you.
      Small world, I live just along the road from Rosyth. I haven`t made any hedgehogs for a while, but I really love doing them. They take a long time to stitch, so cost around £48.
      However I`m hoping to do more with my drawings and get organised with prints and cards. I have been inundated with orders since the CL article (mostly for butterflies) so I`m going to be very busy for the next wee while!

  4. Phyllis Robertson

    Hi Lisa, thanks for getting back to me. All your work is amazing & gorgeous, so I’m not surprised that you are inundated with orders. I was brought up in the country and love wildlife, so all your work appeals to me. I will get back to you at a later date when things quieten down a bit I was also very interested in the cards you will be making in the near future. Keep making all those beautiful things which you love to make.

    Best Wishes


  5. I absolutely love your work, Lisa! I live in South Africa and always always buy the British Country Living magazine, where I am seeing your exquisite work!! How can I order from you? Have a beautiful day! Paula

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