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Four Butterflies.

These are some butterflies I`ve been working on this week. They are part of the little collection that I`m sending down to Made in Britain in a few days.

garden and four butterflies for MIB 103

garden and four butterflies for MIB 105My version of an Orange Tip. I think this one is my favourite. I try to make my butterflies as close to the real thing as I can, although on a slightly larger scale!

garden and four butterflies for MIB 110An Adonis Blue.

garden and four butterflies for MIB 115A male Large White. I`ve made a few of these white butterflies now and really love layering white on white.

garden and four butterflies for MIB 124A female Gatekeeper.



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New Butterflies.

I`ve been working on some new butterflies this week.

butterflies 23rd June 2013 007

I wanted to make a freestanding butterfly brooch that would give the impression that a butterfly had just landed on you for a moment. I looked closely at illustrations in my butterfly book and tried to make the brooches as realistic as possible, painstakingly snipping out tiny pieces of fabric before stitching the into place.

These are based on Large White, Clouded Yellow, and Large Blue butterflies (with a little bit of artistic license…).

butterflies 23rd June 2013 018

Large White.

butterflies 23rd June 2013 020

Clouded Yellow.

butterflies 23rd June 2013 023

Large Blue.

The wings are covered with layers of machine stitching and the butterfly is slightly padded and backed with felt.  The antennae are made from strong button thread.

These butterflies can be worn as a brooch but I think they would also look lovely pinned into a little box frame.

butterflies 23rd June 2013 017

butterflies 23rd June 2013 014

These three will be listed on my Etsy shop, although one has been reserved already. I`m definately going to make more, I`ve been thinking of some larger pieces and perhaps some 3D butterflies incorporated into mixed media embroideries.

butterflies 23rd June 2013 027


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