If you would like to contact me personally, leave me a message at this address:

8 responses to “Contact

  1. Caroline Hill

    Hello Lisa, after writing to you a while ago,I realised what I was asking was probably rather cheeky, you see I would love to frame the work and wondered if you might just send it out of the hoop? If this goes against your ethics, I really do understand ,living in Australia makes postage costly, I have a wall in my home that friends call my’ wailing wall’! On it are all framed things I love, mostly pictures of English countryside and things relative, would like to add your bee! Oh dear am I making things difficult? Please let me know what costs are, kind regards Caroline.

  2. sharon

    i wish to buy one of your crocheted hats with the flowers on the side please can you email me to let me know how much etc.

    Many thanks
    miss white

  3. Ruth Scott

    They are enchanting, how much do you sell them for, and where can I buy?

  4. Diana Dent

    Hi Lisa,
    Would love to buy some of your moths. You are so clever!
    Is it possible to place commissions?

    • Hi Diana, lovely to hear from you.
      Yes, I`m happy to take commissions for moths, although my order book is very full at the moment, so there might be a bit of a wait. I will try to add some more moths to my Etsy shop soon.


    Hi there, in the Scotsman Mag I spotted your beautiful Bee brooches priced 18 pounds. I adore bees and my late Grandfather had honeybees. Do you have a shop in Fife or is it mail order you do. If it is mail order how much would you charge to send me a bee brooch. Thank you so much for info. Loraine.

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