Thrift and recycling

What treasure! Here are some of my charity shop finds this week. I really love the gorgeous turquoise wool tweed, almost a two metre length.

I love a bargain and so it has always been natural to me to hunt for fabric in charity shops and jumble sales and recycle old clothes rather than buy new fabric off the roll. Nothing beats a good old rummage and unearthing an old jacket or skirt in gorgeous fabric.The jackpot for me at the moment is finding a 1970`s tweed or tartan maxi skirt, preferably in the largest size possible (more fabric!). I`m also using old ties in my work a lot just now. 1970`s kipper ties are best (again, more fabric) especially paisley patterns. Even quite psycadelic colour combinations can look great as a little covered button on a tweed brooch or fascinator.

I also love finding scraps of old crocheted lace or embroidered tray cloths. If they are a bit stained I don`t feel too bad about cutting them up and reusing them!

Absolutely nothing gets wasted in my workroom. I keep every scrap of fabric; even the tiniest piece of tweed can be used to cover a button or perhaps make a quilted leaf for a corsage.


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