I`m finally getting around to having an online presence for my work after being in business for over three years…
I design and make a range of accessories using mostly recycled and vintage materials. I hand make everything at home in my tiny cottage in Fife, Scotland.

If you`re wondering about the name of my label, Agnes and Cora were the names of my grandmothers.
Agnes was my Scottish Granny. She was a no-nonsense kind of lady, very down to earth, but also kind and loving and had a wicked sense of humour. She was very thrifty and loved a bargain. Nothing was ever wasted in Granny and Grandad`s house. Granny also loved to embroider and taught me embroidery stitches and how to knit and crochet.

Cora was my English Nana. I remember her as a very stylish lady, always well coordinated! Old photos confirm this- although she was never well off she was always beautifully turned out. I remember she had matching handbags and shoes! Cora and her sister were famous local beauties in their youth.

So when I was searching for a name for my label, the names of my grandmothers came quite quickly to mind.
They seemed to work perfectly with my work; Agnes reflecting the Scottish fabrics, the thrifty aspect of recycling and the love of hand sewing; while Cora reflects the joy of dressing up and adding a well-chosen accessory to an outfit.

My grandmothers are even reflected in the fabrics I use; the combination of the sturdy Scottish tweeds and tartans contrasted with English chintzes and vintage lace, scarves, buttons and beads. Also every time I attach my label to something I`ve made, those two wonderful ladies are in my thoughts!



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2 responses to “Hello!

  1. Dear Lisa, I’ve just been browsing your website for the first time and think that it is just lovely. I love the photos of the bluebells and you bumblebees are so charming. It’s so nice to get an insight into how you work and what motivates and shapes your creativity. You have inspired me to get my sewing machine out. I look forward to seeing what you do with your wee bees.
    Aileen Carr

    • Thanks Aileen, so nice to get a lovely comment! I`ve been busy catching up with brooches but I`m planning to do more bees soon…plus daisies, poppies, sparrows…. feeling inspired by the garden just now.

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